André Schmitt
André Schmitt

André Schmitt is 38 years old and lives near Bamberg - a small town in the south-east of Germany. Fishing has been his passion since the age of 3, and he describes himself as being infected with the predator virus! Perch, pike and zander is what he targets on different waters around Germany and the Netherlands.

He started competing for the first time in 2017 in one of the biggest competitions in the Netherlands. Since then, he has invested a lot of time on preparation for competitions which paid off well. The result was a first place in the Luremasters 2018 with his fishing partner Danni Schäfer. He also loves travelling to the tropics where he targets Rooster fish, Red Cubera and of course Giant Trevally's.

''I am happy and proud to have joined the Westin team and looking forward for the upcoming fishing - tight lines!''

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