W8 Vertical Jigging-T
Item number: W805
  • For Vertical Jigging the combination of raw strength, sensitivity and lightness makes this rod the perfect choice. To our consultants fishing is a lot more than just fun. A lot of times it's tough competition where the number of hookups and landed fish makes the difference between being on top or somewhere down the ranks. This rod features a Fuji® SKTS trigger reel seat and the perfect balance for using a bait casting reel. The use of High Performance Carbon makes it lighter, stronger, more sensitive and faster responding than any other vertical rod you have ever tried.

    • Handle: Super grade EVA - compact and non-slippery
    • Reel seat: Fuji® SKTS, hand painted in Fe2O3 Iron Oxide color
    • Guides: Fuji® SiC
    • Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon for superior action, ultimate sensitivity, light-weight and maximum strength
    • Blank color: Hand painted in Fe2O3 Iron Oxide color (each rod is unique in color pattern)
    • Custom made rubber gimbal, non-slip
    • Quattro cross carbon reinforcement in handle section
    • 360° custom designed screw-down hood with 1K woven carbon reinforcement
    • ProWrap low-profile guide wrappings
    • Delivered in Pentagon Cordura tube