When Westin Seatrout was introduced, it brought a new dimension into Scandinavian sea trout fishing. Attention was extreme and expectations were sky high. The oversized eye, the high quality and the calm but enticing swimming action was something never seen before. Judged by the number of sea trout's caught by this Westin lure it turned out to fulfill even the highest expectations?

  • Lead free concept
  • Material: ABS plastic / Zinc
  • Several UV, FluoMax and Glow colors
  • Oversize active eye
  • Japanese-style hook
  • Hook size: #6 / #4
  • Stay On - double split ring hook mount
  • Designed and developed in Scandinavia


Item number Model Weight Length Color
M099-041-066 Seatrout 18g 8,5cm Canned Sardine
M099-080-066 Seatrout 18g 9,5cm Diamond Thief
M099-117-066 Seatrout 18g 9,5cm Green Sardine
M099-122-066 Seatrout 18g 9,5cm Headlight
M099-168-066 Seatrout 18g 9,5cm Pickled Sardine
M099-460-066 Seatrout 18g 9,5cm UV Hottie Pearl
M099-461-066 Seatrout 18g 9,5cm Yellow Diamond
M099-462-066 Seatrout 18g 9,5cm Pearl Ghost