This bestselling Westin lure has it all. It will cast far even against the hardestwind, it can be fished fast or slow, it can be used in extremely shallow waterand it has a swimming action that appeals to trout at all times of year. Trythe largest version when night fishing for really big trout during the summer.Numerous fish in excess of five kilos have been tricked by the action and thebaitfish like silhouette this lure creates. And if we're talking picky trout'sat wintertime nothing can compare to the medium or small versions fished at aslow pace with a few twitches of the rod tip and a couple of pauses during theretrieve.

  • Lead free concept
  • Material: ABS plastic / Zinc
  • Several UV,FluoMax and Glow colors
  • Japanese-style hook
  • Hook size: #6 / #4 / #2
  • Stay On - double split ring hook mount
  • Designed and developed in Scandinavia


Item number Model Weight Length Color
M100-041-061 Salty 12g 7cm Canned Sardine
M100-080-061 Salty 12g 7cm Diamond Thief
M100-082-061 Salty 12g 7cm Dotted Sardine
M100-101-061 Salty 12g 7cm GFR
M100-117-061 Salty 12g 7cm Green Sardine
M100-122-061 Salty 12g 7cm Headlight
M100-163-061 Salty 12g 7cm Pattegrisen
M100-381-061 Salty 12g 7cm UV Sinking Wedding
M100-455-061 Salty 12g 7cm 3D Silver Ayu
M100-456-061 Salty 12g 7cm 3D Olive Ayu
M100-457-061 Salty 12g 7cm 3D Yellow Ayu
M100-458-061 Salty 12g 7cm 3D Brown Headlight
M100-459-061 Salty 12g 7cm 3D Sparkling Herring
M100-460-061 Salty 12g 7cm UV Hottie Pearl
M100-041-066 Salty 18g 9cm Canned Sardine
M100-080-066 Salty 18g 9cm Diamond Thief
M100-082-066 Salty 18g 9cm Dotted Sardine
M100-101-066 Salty 18g 9cm GFR
M100-117-066 Salty 18g 9cm Green Sardine
M100-122-066 Salty 18g 9cm Headlight
M100-163-066 Salty 18g 9cm Pattegrisen
M100-381-066 Salty 18g 9cm UV Sinking Wedding
M100-455-066 Salty 18g 9cm 3D Silver Ayu
M100-456-066 Salty 18g 9cm 3D Olive Ayu
M100-457-066 Salty 18g 9cm 3D Yellow Ayu
M100-458-066 Salty 18g 9cm 3D Brown Headlight
M100-459-066 Salty 18g 9cm 3D Sparkling Herring
M100-460-066 Salty 18g 9cm UV Hottie Pearl
M100-041-071 Salty 26g 11cm Canned Sardine
M100-080-071 Salty 26g 11cm Diamond Thief
M100-082-071 Salty 26g 11cm Dotted Sardine
M100-101-071 Salty 26g 11cm GFR
M100-117-071 Salty 26g 11cm Green Sardine
M100-122-071 Salty 26g 11cm Headlight
M100-163-071 Salty 26g 11cm Pattegrisen
M100-381-071 Salty 26g 11cm UV Sinking Wedding
M100-455-071 Salty 26g 11cm 3D Silver Ayu
M100-456-071 Salty 26g 11cm 3D Olive Ayu
M100-457-071 Salty 26g 11cm 3D Yellow Ayu
M100-458-071 Salty 26g 11cm 3D Brown Headlight
M100-459-071 Salty 26g 11cm 3D Sparkling Herring
M100-460-071 Salty 26g 11cm UV Hottie Pearl