The weed guard on this version of the famed Utö lure was perfected by the Holms brothers in their efforts to catch big fish where no lure had fished before.

  • High quality brass finish
  • Hook: VMC
  • Unique strike point blade
  • Weed protector


Item number Model Length Color Quantity
P068-013-096 Utö Vass 6,5cm 20g Alert Tiger
P068-037-096 Utö Vass 6,5cm 20g Blue Tiger
P068-058-096 Utö Vass 6,5cm 20g Copper
P068-061-096 Utö Vass 6,5cm 20g Copper/Silver
P068-099-096 Utö Vass 6,5cm 20g Firetiger
P068-188-096 Utö Vass 6,5cm 20g Red Tiger
P068-206-096 Utö Vass 6,5cm 20g Silver
P068-155-096 Utö Vass 6,5cm 20g Official Roach
P068-013-056 Utö Vass 7,5cm 25g Alert Tiger
P068-037-056 Utö Vass 7,5cm 25g Blue Tiger
P068-058-056 Utö Vass 7,5cm 25g Copper
P068-061-056 Utö Vass 7,5cm 25g Copper/Silver
P068-099-056 Utö Vass 7,5cm 25g Firetiger
P068-155-056 Utö Vass 7,5cm 25g Official Roach
P068-188-056 Utö Vass 7,5cm 25g Red Tiger
P068-206-056 Utö Vass 7,5cm 25g Silver