The brass body construction on Westin Optic 360° has an aerodynamic shape that will ensure great casting distance and accuracy. The beautifully designed brass blade will reflect light from different angles. It rotates at the slightest touch of the reel handle and initiates those impulses of movement that no trout, salmon or other predator can resist. This is simply the best looking and most attractive spinner out there and the strong Japanese style hooks will stand the test of even the hardest fighting fish.

  • Material: Brass
  • Instant 360° rotating blade
  • Japanese style needlepoint hooks
  • Optic blade - reflects light from different angles
  • Designed and developed in Scandinavia


Item number Model Weight Length Color
M102-025-080 Optic 360° 5,5g #2 Black Juice
M102-042-080 Optic 360° 5,5g #2 Caution Bees
M102-056-080 Optic 360° 5,5g #2 Copper Age
M102-101-080 Optic 360° 5,5g #2 GFR
M102-161-080 Optic 360° 5,5g #2 Pang Color
M102-168-080 Optic 360° 5,5g #2 Pickled Sardine
M102-235-080 Optic 360° 5,5g #2 Totally G.
M102-247-080 Optic 360° 5,5g #2 Wannabe
M102-025-082 Optic 360° 8g #3 Black Juice
M102-042-082 Optic 360° 8g #3 Caution Bees
M102-056-082 Optic 360° 8g #3 Copper Age
M102-101-082 Optic 360° 8g #3 GFR
M102-161-082 Optic 360° 8g #3 Pang Color
M102-168-082 Optic 360° 8g #3 Pickled Sardine
M102-235-082 Optic 360° 8g #3 Totally G.
M102-247-082 Optic 360° 8g #3 Wannabe
M102-025-060 Optic 360° 10,5g #4 Black Juice
M102-042-060 Optic 360° 10,5g #4 Caution Bees
M102-056-060 Optic 360° 10,5g #4 Copper Age
M102-101-060 Optic 360° 10,5g #4 GFR
M102-161-060 Optic 360° 10,5g #4 Pang Color
M102-168-060 Optic 360° 10,5g #4 Pickled Sardine
M102-235-060 Optic 360° 10,5g #4 Totally G.
M102-247-060 Optic 360° 10,5g #4 Wannabe