The W3 range of spin fishing rods offers anything from shorter and lighter rods to long, medium action rods for long distance casting. The shorter models will cast small spoons and spinners with precision and the sensitive, strong 'TORAY' blank will set the hooks with ease.

At the other end of the range the W3 spin range offers rods specialized for long distance spin fishing with lures up to 30g along the Scandinavian coastline and even a rod specialized for using bombarda and spirolino casting floats as well as adding further casting distance to a conventional spin fishing lure.

  • Reel Seat: SKS+KDPS (screw down)
  • Guides: LTS ring guides
  • Blank: 'TORAY' High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting
  • Premium grade cork handle / EVA handle
  • Reinforced with Kevlar Carbon


Item number Model Length Class CW Section
W322-0703-ML W3 Spin 3 sec 7'/210cm ML 5-25g 3sec
W322-0803-ML W3 Spin 3 sec 8'/240cm ML 5-25g 3sec
W322-0803-MH W3 Spin 3 sec 8'/240cm MH 10-40g 3sec
W322-0863-L W3 Spin 3 sec 8'6"/255cm L 3-15g 3sec
W322-0903-M W3 Spin 3 sec 9'/270cm M 7-30g 3sec
W322-0903-MH W3 Spin 3 sec 9'/270cm MH 10-40g 3sec
W322-1003-M W3 Spin 3 sec 10'/300cm M 7-30g 3sec
W322-1003-MH W3 Spin 3 sec 10'/300cm MH 10-40g 3sec
W322-1134-M W3 Spin 3 sec 11'3"/338cm M 7-30g 4sec