Lures don't come more realistic and life-like than this - it's not just a lure; it's part of the food chain! Scientists tell us that redfish can make up 75% of the halibut's food source in the North Atlantic. The adult redfish is abundant in deep water while tasty baby ones are found in Fjords, bays and inshore waters. Red Ed comes in 5 realistic or psychedelic colours that will get any big cod or halibut turned on. Choose between two updated weights/sizes - 360g or 460g including a spare body.

*McIntyre, A. D. (1953). The food of halibut from North Atlantic fishing grounds. Marine research, Scotland 1952(3), 1-20.

  • Authentic fishlook and swimming action - as close as it gets
  • Active eyes
  • Durable painting
  • Ultra sharp and strong sea fishing hook
  • Hook: Single #9/0 (360g)
  • Hook: Single #10/0 (460g)
  • Interchangeable hook system to slide inside body
  • Contains 1 interior weight/hook system and 2 bodies


Item number Model Weight Length Color
S081-190-086 Red Ed Jig 360g 16,5cm Rose Fish
S081-190-089 Red Ed Jig 460g 19cm Rose Fish