• Material: Lead
  • Hook: Mustad® 32632
  • Ball Head
  • Elevated eyelet for stinger
  • Keeper system - great grip and less damage
  • Moulded weight and logo
  • Natural color


Item number Model Length Color Quantity
T01-0100-040 RoundUp 3pcs 10g #4/0 Natural
T01-0150-040 RoundUp 3pcs 15g #4/0 Natural
T01-0200-050 RoundUp 3pcs 20g #5/0 Natural
T01-0250-050 RoundUp 3pcs 25g #5/0 Natural
T01-0300-060 RoundUp 3pcs 30g #6/0 Natural
T01-0350-060 RoundUp 3pcs 35g #6/0 Natural