Attila Balán
Attila Balán

Ever since Attila Balán was a little kid fishing has been an important part of his life. He have tried almost each form of it until he finally ended up hunting predatory fish. Spinning was a true love at first sight, He can still recall the amazing feeling he felt when he first tried it out.
In Hungary he usually go out fishing in natural waters like Lake Balaton or River Danube, but he also like streams, where he can really become one with nature while still hunting.
Everyone who is experienced in fishing in the wild knows that finding fish is just one part of the game, but catching them is a whole different story. To be able to do that, you must have the proper equipment – that is where Westin comes into picture with its wide range of high-quality products.
"Without Westin I wouldn't have so many precious fishing memories, that is why I feel so honored to be the representative of this brand in Hungary!"

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