Salty the Shrimp Jig
Item number: S122
  • No need to waste your time chasing live bait. This shrimp is made from a 3D scan of the real thing! Salty the Shrimp is specially designed for inshore saltwater fishing. Weed, grass and sandy areas are where he comes to life. Comes rigged with a natural shrimp body and a different replacement body with a paddletail. Two lures actions in one! What fish doesn’t fancy a shrimp? You can throw this one for Snook, Redfish, Trout or whatever is hungry in the area.

    With the natural shrimp body you can fish it slow crawling on the bottom and the soft legs will flutter and really create that realistic action of a real shrimp. It can also be fished by jigging it fast or slow and adding extra action while working with your rod tip.

    Thanks to the interior hook channel you can easily change the body in seconds with perfect rigging every time. The paddletail offers you more action, classic jigging stop and go jigging technique along the bottom or you can fish it on a steady retrieve. The paddle vibrations along with the soft fluttering realistic legs will trigger a strike from any trophy Snook under the dock lights!

    • Lead jighead/soft body
    • Life-Like Lure
    • Ultra sharp and strong Japanese style sea fishing hook
    • Hook size: Single #2/0 (18g), #3/0 (28g)
    • Interior hook channel for easy rigging
    • Keeper system – great grip and less damage
    • Soft legs for fluttering action
    • Natural whiskers
    • Hand painted detail colors
    • Package contains 1 jighead, 1 natural- and 1 paddletail body