“Ropa” is a true passionate predator angler and has been an active member in the Dutch predator-scene for many years. He’s been doing editorial- and governance work for the Dutch/Belgium Pike-society (SNB) and nowadays he writes for the well-known Dutch predator magazine ROVERS.

In his daily life, he’s a high-school teacher in arts and crafts. This creativity is also important in his fishing, searching for new lures, tactics or techniques, mainly to learn new things and to become a better fisherman. Finding a pattern on new water is one of the greatest challenges in his fishing, and to catch a big fish on new water really gives him a thrill!

Ropa prefers the pike above all other fish, it’s just his kind of fish! Of course, there are other great predators like zander, perch and asp which he sees the joy in catching as well, but pike is a whole different story. “The way a big pike can smash a lure is unique, one of the greatest things in fishing”. We are glad to smash this creative pro angler into the team.