The computer-screen is just not big enough for fish this guy catches! Johan’s been studying for 2 years at the Sportfishing Academy in Forshaga, but also marine biology for 3 years. He’s taken the ship class VIII and VII and engineer officer class VIII at Chalmers for a deeper understanding of navigation and safety at sea. This guy doesn’t get lost on those endless oceans in north of Norway, you can count on that. He has a wide interest in fish and thinks that each fishery has its charm, but sea fishing is closest to his heart.

Due to his many fishing days and marine knowledge, he knows what swims around, and how they behave in different conditions, from plankton to the majestic halibut. During his time at Nordic Sea Angling, he’s guided up many big catches to happy guests. We could write a book about it, but we’d rather mention his personal catches. Johan caught halibut of 193cm long, wolffish of 9.25 kg, 2.55 kg plaice, monkfish of 11.6 kg and he was the first Swedish guy with two cods over 30 kg, and so on. It’s no coincidence that it’s in Johan’s boat the records have landed.

Johan has been stationed at Sørøya the recent years, but during the season in 2014 he will run “Skreifishing” (big winter cod) on Sørøya and then go down and start up the new NSA camp at Vaerøy. Then he will go around between camps and combine his skillful guidance with photography and film! We are pleased and confident with having this skipper aboard our rolling ship, welcome!