As a young and curios boy Erik started out with a three year education at ”Sävenfors Vattenbruksskola”, studying fish-biology and water conservation and after this he begun studying Sportfishing tourism at “Forshaga Akademin”. Here he found the interest for deep sea fishing for real, and he just knew that the hardcore saltwater fishing was his calling.

Erik has been a fishing maniac his whole life and is now working with his dream, as a deep sea fishing guide in north Norway in the pursuit for the really big ones. A lot of saltwater has passed under his feet’s and despite his young age he’s one of the best guides out there. As camp manager at camp Nappstraumen for Nordic Sea Angling, Erik is out fishing at least 5 days a week and the focus is often on the really big halibuts! Several halibuts over 100 kg has been landed in his boat and his own personal best are at the moment a “barn-door” on 191 cm.

He also loves the challenging fishing for big cod during the spring and the massive coalfish during the fall. When he’s not in Norway the main focus is in the pursuit of big pike in the south of Sweden where he’s been successful as well, with several pikes over 10 kg. We are really happy and confident to have this skipper on the team.