Luc Coppens is known as one of the most skilled predator anglers in Europe.

Luc Coppens lives in Belgium within casting distance from Holland and has earned a reputation as one of the most skilled predator anglers in this region – not only through catches and stories in magazines but also when it comes to competition. Three years in a row he won the Belgium Predator Championship with catches including a Belgium record pike measuring 133.6 cm. An even harder competition is the NKS zander competition in Holland. The level of this competition is the closest European fishing competitions get to the level found in large US bass competitions. During eight different zander competitions or heats anglers have to qualify for the final. Luc has been fishing the competition for seven years and his career includes numerous heat victories and in total he has won the yearly final three times!

As Luc explains there is no room for mistakes in these competitions. It is a matter of optimizing every detail and using the best tackle.

Luc himself is thrilled about the agreement:
“I’m happy to be working with Westin on developing the predator brands and I’m confident that my ideas and experience will help to produce the most innovative products that will be outstanding in quality and used by demanding anglers all over Europe.”

47 year old Luc Coppens already has a lot of experience from the tackle trade business. Currently he works as sales representative selling carp fishing tackle for Nash tackle. He will continue this job along with the predator consultant agreement with Westin.