Kris has been fishing since he was a little boy and his passion for the predators has grown over the last 10 years. Throughout the years he’s tried many different baits, lures and techniques to hunt down the different predators. Every weekend and free time is spent in his boat constantly searching for the big fish. Kris lives in Belgium only 10 min away from the border to the Netherlands so most of the time his boat are to be found on some of the lakes in the Netherlands. Every holiday is planned for a fishing trip to Sweden, Spain or France for new challenges and to explore new waters and techniques. Zanders are No.1 for Kris but he also loves the good drill from a pike or perch. Personal records at the moments are zander 100,5cm /pike 126cm and perch on 49cm. He’s a true believer of catch and release which is the only way to secure the future passion. We wish Kris welcome aboard!