Jeroen Eijssens
Jeroen Eijssens

Jeroen Eijssens started fishing at the age of 3 together with his dad for all kind of species and at the age of 12 he really got into predator fishing and started trying every technique and lure there is! The last few years he has been running a guiding business with regular customers who come back all the time to fish for big seabass, pike, perch or zander. He is always doing the absolute best he can, to give his guests the time of their life. When he’s not guiding, he’s fishing for himself together with other specialized anglers like Luc Coppens. Together, Luc and he achieved a 2nd place during the World Predator Classic 2019. He loves nothing more than to discover new techniques and finding new fishing spots. He really loves to be outside enjoying the beautiful nature while fishing. He is a specialist in finesse techniques. 
Currently, hi personal bests are:
Pike: 135 cm 17,7 kilo
Perch: 53 cm 2,85 kilo
Zander: 94 cm
Seabass: 81 cm 6,8 kilo

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