Toon Van Ham
Toon Van Ham

Toon Van Ham was born in 2000 and he is one of the youngest persons on the Westin Pro Team. At a very young age, he started out as a carp fisherman, but quickly, that took the upper hand and turned into predator fishing. He started out chasing pike and perch in a small ditch close to his grandparents’ home, with a cheap rod and a spoon. But that soon changed and is now way more complicated - he is now chasing predators in every piece of water he can find, either by foot, kayak or from a boat. The thing that gives him the most satisfaction is the brutal strikes you sometimes get when you are almost asleep and least expecting it. His favourite predatory species is the pike, simply because of the hard bites you get when fishing with different kinds of lures.
His personal best's is currently a pike on 124cm, a perch of 53cm and a zander on 91cm - quite impressive from a man of his age!

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