Be careful when tying this lure onto your line, he's such a lifelike crab that he may give your fingers a little nip! Of course we're kidding, but Coco the Crab is a HUGELY realistic crab lure - made from a 3D scan of the real thing. We spent a huge amount of time researching real crabs from around the world to create this lure and wide range of amazing trigger colours and patterns it is available in. When being fished along the bottom, the defending foam claws rises above the crab's body and the semisoft, realistic legs ad balance and realism. It can also be fished easily in mid water. It features a tungsten belly that means he always lands the right way up and makes Coco a lead-free warrior! Fish him slower with gentle twitches or jig him fast and work with short distinct movements and be ready? Coco is the perfect snack for a wide range of both salt-and freshwater predators!

  • Lead free
  • Owner® ST-36BC #14 treble hooks
  • Solid ABS body
  • Tungsten belly weight
  • Perfectly balanced, always lands on the belly
  • Defending foam claws
  • Life-Like-Lure
  • Realistic semi-soft legs
  • Hand painted detailed colors


Item number Model Weight Length Color
COC-278-62 Coco the Crab 6 g 2 cm Beach Crab
COC-279-62 Coco the Crab 6 g 2 cm Mud Crab
COC-280-62 Coco the Crab 6 g 2 cm Rock Crab
COC-281-62 Coco the Crab 6 g 2 cm Green Crab
COC-282-62 Coco the Crab 6 g 2 cm Ghost Crab
COC-283-62 Coco the Crab 6 g 2 cm Black Crab
COC-284-62 Coco the Crab 6 g 2 cm King Crab
COC-285-62 Coco the Crab 6 g 2 cm Disco Crab