You can fish him as if he hasn't got a care in the world, or as if he's in a fearful flap. Either way, Ricky is the most-wanted roach in the water. Predators are drawn to his positive swimming action, and driven wild by his trembling fins. Poor old Ricky triggers a bite wherever he goes.

  • Lead-Free
  • Japanese-Style #2 Carbon Steel Hook
  • Running Depth: 1-3m
  • Slide Lock Easy To Change Connection
  • Life-Like Lure
  • Full Eyelet-To-Hook Wire Connection


Item number Model Length Color Quantity
WS08407 Ricky the Roach (Hybrid) 15 cm Firetiger Low Floating
WS08401 Ricky the Roach (Hybrid) 15 cm Lively Roach Low Floating
WS08402 Ricky the Roach (Hybrid) 15 cm Lively Rudd Low Floating
WS08405 Ricky the Roach (Hybrid) 15 cm Blueback Herring Low Floating
WS08406 Ricky the Roach (Hybrid) 15 cm Fire Perch Low Floating