Andreas was first introduced to fishing for more than 20 years ago by his friend’s father. He started out trying all kinds of fishing but became quite quickly most interested in the predator fishing. Today is his favorite fish the zander. As Andres describes it “the zander is a very skilled hunter and an amazing predator which you can catch using many different techniques”. Andreas masters them all, vertical fishing, dropshot and classic jig fishing and he’s happy to share his skills, tips and tricks to other anglers. You can follow him and his fishing at or where he post all of his big catches and news about new tackle etc. He loves to experiment with new techniques and trying out new lures to constantly improve his fishing. For Andreas fishing is a lifestyle where he can find a pleasant and peaceful time after a stressful week of hard work. Still there´s a lot of excitement and hard work during his fishing with great results! Most welcome to Team Westin!