Roland Steinberger was one of the first Austrian lure anglers, who blogged about his experiences directly from the water at his online platform He is most known for his former work as a blogger, photographer and obviously as an angler. Besides his online contributions he fishes as much as possible for pike, zander and perch on lakes, rivers and gravel pits in his area and reports on his experiences to all followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram and of course on his website. 10 years ago he tried his luck with dead baits and all the different methods behind with big success, but in the last 5 years he specialized himself fishing with lures. He particularly loves the challenge of lure fishing the complete range of predators which requires constant refinement of technique to keep in touch with the changing moods of the species. Fishing for trout in a big river in Austria has also started to interest him and so he combines his knowledge of spin fishing with his fly fishing skills and is becoming more and more successful. We’re proud to have this multi-faceted angler aboard Team Westin!